How much will my flowers cost?!

This is the question we get asked the most....and its very difficult to give a blanket answer.  

Just like the range in prices for wedding gowns, rings, invites, venues, photographers, menu and services you choose from your other vendors, the same applies to flowers. 

Floral cost is very individual to each event.  They vary on so many levels because of season, availability, demand, size, quality and quantity.  Cost factors also include labor, technical skill, time consumption. Delivery, rentals, set up and taxes all contribute to the final total. 

No matter what your budget, we can customize your wedding florals to fit your needs.  Our goal is to provide the best quality of floral design at an affordable price and to give you  the best options that will work with your needs and budget. 

Percentages recommend by wedding professionals are listed at about 8-10% of your full wedding budget.  Wedding florals and decor have been at a great demand and higher cost than ever before.  Primarily, since the onset of Pinterest  and  I believe that percentage may be changing.  While helpful on many levels, visually, it can also be an unrealistic look at what your budget may allow you to do.  Depending on your priorities and choices, flower cost can run a little higher or lower than the average percentage.  


Below is a list of some of the most common wedding floral needs and a reference price per item. as well as some  reference pricing for our  delivery and set up options. .  

(remember, prices can be much higher or lower depending on the variety, style and size of the flower mix, the amount of tables and size of your bridal party, as well as  rental items and other decor items)

Average size wedding today, seems to be running between $2500-$6500 to include all that is listed below.  We do not discriminate on budgets nor do we have a minimum. 



Bridal Bouquet: $150-$300

Bridesmaids Bouquets:  $50-$75

Bouts: $9-$15

Corsages : $18-$30

Flower Girls: Head  Pieces, Pomander Balls and Nosegays- $25 and up

Centerpieces:  $35-$300

Cake Flowers- $30 and up

Pew Decor - $5-$35

Ceremony arrangements- starting  $75 and up


*Delivery  Charges: $25 minimum

Based on  location,, miles, number of deliveries, and additional vehicles


*Set up  and Service Fees : $65 minimum -$125 and up

Based on loading and unloading, number of table centerpieces and their sizes, Decor extras like mirrors, votives,  cake decor, on site arrangements, 1-4 person set up


*Ceremony Set Up additional: $35  minimum- for separate location( and time restrictions)

Based on number and size of pew decors, aisle runner placement, altar arrangements and extras

Rental Items: 

Rentals vary in sizes, shapes and type of product. 

Glass items start at $1-$10 (for most tall and short vases and votives) 

Tall rod iron rentals, nickel plated or other specialty rents- $10-$15

Mirrors- $3 each   Pedestal Columns: $15 each 

Assorted containers in wood, plastic or metal - $3-$10

Manzanita branches, crystals, feathers, hanging votives and accessories are priced individually


To view our list of rental items and pics- go to the FAqs/info tab and scroll down