Below are answers for the most frequently asked questions- for more detailed info you can see our Pricing References page, our Rental Items page as well as Our Services and Consultation Form page.  If you have other questions, please email Susan at  


How early should we contact a florist?

6-12 months seems to be the norm. However, if you have a popular wedding date, you may want to contact us early to confirm that we have availability. 

I don't know anything about flowers, what's in season or what things cost?

You don't need to have a floral background in order to pick the right flowers for your wedding.  That is what we are here for.  If you can just select some flowers pics, bouquets, centerpieces, etc that you find appealing (whether they are your colors or not) that will help us to build a portfolio for you based on your selections to help guide you in the direction you want to go.  

Can we just stop by and look at flowers? 

The Wedding Designer operates from a private studio and does not do consultations from that location.  We do in home consults by appointment only.  You can fill out our Consult Form under the Contacts tab on the site  and we will reply promptly to confirm that your date is open and to schedule an appointment.  

     Can we get a quote or pricing before we meet?

The Wedding Designer can do a ball park quote via email initially if that is helpful.  We will need all of your basic info that is listed on the Consult Form and preferably, some description, pics or a Pinterest link in order to be more accurate.  If you need some general pricing-you can see that under the Info tab-and scroll down to Pricing References. 

         I live out of town,and don't know when I could meet-what should I do?

The Wedding Designer works with lots of out of towners.  We can begin a dialogue via email to start and then schedule a phone conference to discuss in further detail.  Just like an in home consultation, we will need to have all of your information on the Consult Form in order to be able to give you some accurate pricing.  Once you know you will be in town, we can try to coordinate schedules to meet at that time.  

             How long after we meet will a get a price quote? 

We usually are able to get an itemized quote emailed to you within a week of meeting. If there is a delay or it is a busy wedding season time-we will email you that it may be a little longer.  

 How long do I have after I receive a quote to secure my date? 

If you have made a decision to book with us, you can contact us as soon as you have made that decision.  If you are our last opening for that weekend, I will contact you first to offer the date if I am contacted by another bride wanting the same date.  

How much is the security deposit?  When is final payment due?

There is a non refundable deposit of $125 to secure your wedding date.  It will be deducted from your total.  Final payments, final decisions and any changes to your quote are due 3 weeks prior to event.  We will contact you before then to remind you.   

What do I need to have prepared when we meet for a consult?

Once we have received your Consult Form and set up an appointment, its helpful to have any color swatches if available, and any pics you may have collected of bouquets or centerpieces etc that may appeal to you.  It doesnt matter if they arent exactly what you are looking for-but some reference to your likes and dislikes and style. That way we can prepare an album for you to view in reference to our discussion and itemized quote. 

Do you deliver and set up the wedding?Do you have items we can rent?

The Wedding Designer offers complete delivery, setup and also pick up of rental items.  We have many items available for rent.   Please refer to our Info tab and scroll down to Rental Items page and also scroll to the Pricing Reference page for delivery and set up fees. 

Will we see a sample of what our finished bouquets or centerpieces will look like ahead of time?

The Wedding Designer relies on many photographs to help with the visual aspect of your selections.  We can often make a similar look with flowers that we have on hand during wedding season at no cost to you and share those pics with you for reference, if we aren't able to supply a pic that resembles yours.  If you want a complete final finished product and the flowers are specifically ordered for that piece, then it will be priced accordingly and added to your final tab.  

Do we need  a contract? Do you accept credit cards?

The Wedding Designer does have a contract available to you but we do not require one. Just request it at the time of deposit and we can send it out to you. We don't  credit cards currently, however if you need a credit card transaction, we can set one up through a pay pay account and you will be responsible for the transaction fees.  


We have a Floral Library and Pinterest Page coming soon to help out with visuals and education. 

Let us know if you have any more questions or how we can help !