"Gratitude and reverence in all things mother earth, have become my personal life mission statement-without it, I don't know who I would be....I'm so blessed to be doing what I do... always in awe of the individual and natural design of each single flower- they feed my soul and I never tire of their spirit"  Susan Foy



I love a challenge  I love the simplicity of a design and the complexity of a flower.  I love the bold and the delicate,  the strange and the funky, the classic and the unconventional.  I'm not afraid of hard work. I live for the stress and the panic and the fear that the responsibility of a wedding comes with, only to be completely rewarded when a job is complete, my bride is smiling and all is well in the universe...  until the next week... when we begin all over again.  I promise to make it personal-I'm dedicated, passionate, experienced and committed-been  known to be a little intense.... but a sense of humor will get us all through just about anything...... 

Experience:  Coming from a culinary background with the notion of owning my own establishment one day-fate took me on a little detour and landed me at a restaurant that was known for using local product, and growing their own culinary herbs, vegetables, edible and everlasting flowers, perennials and annuals of so many varieties.  I think that is when the love affair began.... My mom always said, "Bloom where you are planted" and so I did.

I went on to teach workshops, be a part owner in a floral shop, a freelance floral designer, caterer, freelance writer, and a designer for local florists.  The routine, the rules, the limitations of creativity sat on my spirit and left me craving for more.  I had to get out of the box in order to "think outside of it."  Weddings were always my fav-to me, they were like blank canvas- New seasons, new colors, new faces and personalities-individual.

 All meant to inspire.  Symbolism of a fresh start and a new life.  I wanted freedom over my own ideas,, I wanted to make my own rules- I took a giant risk and I started The Wedding Designer in 2007.  It was the best decision I ever made.  I still never tired of the miracle I see in each flower, berry, foliage or branch.  I never tired of what they can become in transformation or the role they play in our brides'special day.  Much peace and much love, Susan