Flower categories vary in cost, size, season, color, availability, suppliers and demand.  The catergories below give a breakdown of some of the most popular and most used weddings flowers as well as non florals in branches, pods, succulents, foliages

Roses:  Garden Roses - Comes in variety of size, color and pricing -  $$$  Available all year

Standard Roses, Bi Color, Spray Rose, Tea and Cabbage Roses- $-$$ variety of colors   Available all year

Hydrangeas- $$-$$$  Available in standard, mini and jumbo.  Colored hydrangeas can vary in color per season and high end price   Available all year (specialty colors limited)  

Peony:  $$$    tones of pinks, fuchsia, white, corals and reds   Limited availability  April-June  November-February

Specialty trending flowers- limited availability  $$-$$$      Most are late summer/fall  to early spring-limited in other months

Commonly used wedding flowers-  $-$$  Cost effective    Fillers and volume Available all year   Assorted colors

Fillers, Berry, Pods, Foliages and Branches- $-$$    Most available all year

Specialty Seasonal Fun Stuff- $$-$$$

Tropicals, Callas  and Orchids  $$-$$$


Photos gathered from various floral suppliers to include, Mayesh, Florabundance, Fifty Flowers, Flirty Fluers and Pinterest.